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Braless Podcast

Dec 31, 2017

Sister Wives, Diet Coke Addiction, Home Schoolers and MURDER.

Host Erin Whitehead invites Melissa from the Moms and Murder podcast to the show. We give Dancing with the Stars producers our new pick for a super duper star for next season, discuss Erin’s weird cereal eating habits and give shout outs to Varmints,...

Dec 18, 2017

Taking care of YOU, scary movies, delegation and the worst movie seen this year. 

Host Erin Whitehead invites fellow podcaster, Markitta Gaston of Markitta In Your Business to the show to discuss self care, gun control and reducing the stress in our lives. We talk about our favorite TV shows, about the tragedy in Vegas,...

Dec 1, 2017

Oven toasted vienna sausages, popping a podcast cherry, beards that make you gag and coupon code: BACON. 

Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Andrea Freitas of A Measured Life to the podcast about a mouth watering discussion about all of our favorite foods, books we love and a fun game we played in the Braless Podcast...

Nov 9, 2017

Unicorns don’t have beards! But what do they eat? Probably not little children, right?

Host, Erin Whitehead, shares a hilarious (okay, so maybe only to her… but don’t we all think our kids are hilarious) dinner conversation with her littlest one where we explore if unicorns are real, how in the world Santa is...

Oct 26, 2017

Exorcist toddlers, marriage condoms, nose-hair extensions and crazy Halloween costumes! 

Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Tia Johnson back to the podcast for a super non-serious conversation about toddlers who puke on everything (including Mom AS she is recording), Tia’s amazing idea for the best Halloween costume of...