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Braless Podcast

Jun 30, 2017

Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Kari Simms of Blazing Caribou Studios to the podcast for a conversation where we learn that Kari is basically a certified bad ass. 

Was Kari raised by Donald Trump? Would a men’s march with penis hats be acceptable? Is it possible to have civil conversations online? Is calling someone a...

Jun 22, 2017

Host Erin Whitehead invites Tia Johnson, the Swamp Titty Queen, back to the podcast for a conversation about spray tans, Near Beer (whatever the hell that is), unique uses for coffee filters and Viking babies.  
If you live in Oklahoma is a mix of NyQuil and poisonous Sprite part of a balanced breakfast? How should...

Jun 19, 2017

Host Erin Whitehead invites Kate Clancy, a scientist who studies menstruation and host of the Period Podcast, to the show to discuss lady business, how we talk to our kids about sex, pregnancy and, yes, politics. We are talking periods… and we don’t mean grammar! 

How does Erin’s uterus compare to a 35 year old...

Jun 14, 2017

Host Erin Whitehead invites her husband, Joey; self-proclaimed BBQ genius and retired, salty United States Marine, to the podcast to answer listener questions and tell the story of how he begged his mother to get in touch with Erin so she would write him letters while on ship. 
After 18 years of marriage does...

Jun 13, 2017

Host Erin Whitehead invites Tracey Osborne, The Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon ™, to the podcast to discuss ditching that 9-5 by working from home, how to delegate responsibility so you can reduce your mental load and why not having to put on a bra in order to make a living can be pretty amazing!

How did they break...