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Braless Podcast

Dec 1, 2017

Oven toasted vienna sausages, popping a podcast cherry, beards that make you gag and coupon code: BACON. 

Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Andrea Freitas of A Measured Life to the podcast about a mouth watering discussion about all of our favorite foods, books we love and a fun game we played in the Braless Podcast Conversation group!

Is Spam the scrapple of the South? Is Starbucks coffee the worst? Could an insta pot save Erin’s marriage? Are dogs better than people? Should you be able to tuck your boobs or your beard in your pants? (Spoiler: NO) You probably shouldn’t listen to this episode if you are really hungry or are at the grocery store! We talk about ALL the foods!

Thanks to Paul Csomo of the Varmints podcast for connecting us! 

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