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Braless Podcast

Oct 26, 2017

Exorcist toddlers, marriage condoms, nose-hair extensions and crazy Halloween costumes! 

Host, Erin Whitehead, invites Tia Johnson back to the podcast for a super non-serious conversation about toddlers who puke on everything (including Mom AS she is recording), Tia’s amazing idea for the best Halloween costume of 2017 and why husbands can’t find a damn thing in the house but know exactly how many days it has been since you’ve had “relations”.

Are nose-hair extensions what is wrong with America? Who is gonna dress up as sexy Trump for Halloween? Should we just bring sick toddlers to sex education classes? How is Erin’s 5 year old freaking her out? Is life too short to wear a bra and be serious? (Spoiler: We need a t-shirt!) Will the Easter Egg hunt be at Tia’s house this year? Do your condoms need an extra shelf life? 

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