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Braless Podcast

Dec 31, 2017

Sister Wives, Diet Coke Addiction, Home Schoolers and MURDER.

Host Erin Whitehead invites Melissa from the Moms and Murder podcast to the show. We give Dancing with the Stars producers our new pick for a super duper star for next season, discuss Erin’s weird cereal eating habits and give shout outs to Varmints, Film Roast and Is This Adulting? (Listen, Steven. Come on the show!) Why is Erin scared of gold lemme? Will Melissa be Erin’s replacement in the zombie apocalypse? Should you drop your earbuds during this show? 

Side note: This podcast isn’t sponsored by Diet Coke, McDonalds or The Dollop… we just think they are the bees knees. Besides… why buy the cow… ya’ know?

To hear more from Melissa, listen to the podcast Moms and Murder anywhere you find podcasts, and follow them on social: 

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